Bkav will revoke series Bphone have to consumers

Bphone expected to be delivered from 18/6 through December 6. However, the operating system running on the commercial version could not yet completed due to pending upgrade some applications as agreed between Bkav and Google.

Besides, the camera on board a number of problems such as slow autofocus and image are not good when shooting in low light, the machine hangs when HDR is enabled ...

Initially, the company plans to fix the problem early on and the software will be automatically updated to the phone's user. However, representatives of Bkav said, they decided to withdraw the machines were sold to directly upgrade to ensure the problem is fixed on a more radical.

Bkav has allocated about 600 machines in 18/6 but not total Bphone have revealed them to the buyers until today.

Meanwhile, with the remaining Bphone were bid, the company will delay delivery into 3/7 day for more time checking the completeness of the machine. This is the second time Bphone delayed and some customers are proved impatient waiting than the first phase.

"Said Bkav will call me on day delivery Bphone 29/6 for me in HCMC. I had to change your shipping address for me in Hanoi to take the machine on 26/6 days. However, to Bkav hour delay again. But very sympathetic, I also feel a bit uncomfortable having to wait several times, "he Huangshan, one of the first to bid Bphone 2/6 days, said.

Bkav said it would donate 200,000 vouchers worth and often change the bulbs Charger fast charge to "compensate" for the inconvenience.

Bphone, smartphones Bkav production, released on 26/5 in Hanoi and in 12 hours for the first order (2/6 day) has nearly 12,000 machines were ordered. The first round of new products to consumers today 18/6.

Bphone using 5-inch Full HD screen, quad-core Qualcomm chip, 3GB RAM and has a starting price of 9.9 million (excluding VAT).

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