Motherboard Bphone quality finishing roughly iPhone

Motherboard Bphone quality finishing roughly iPhone

The commercial version of the new Bphone open to learn about the composition and structure of the machine.



Technician open 2 screws at the bottom of the machine is able to separate the back cover.




Pin occupied most of the area inside.




Next, the technician removed the battery cable connections.




and remove the battery easily.




Remove the connecting cable between the main and external speakers.




Camera and the bar is removed first.




Main of compact and made quite nice and sharp. On the main line "Design by Bkav".




The back of the main sim slot.




IMEI sim tray engraved.




Part screen is glued firmly to the chassis should not be disassembled without special glue gun. Perfect quality motherboard close Bphone iPhone 6, the latest version of Apple's smartphone

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