Shop owner suddenly put out of money for hotel

Quang Tri Police said it was investigating reports of the much under salesman gave much money to the client unconsciously, upon departure only knows lose money.

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Her clothing store Guangzhou had been a guest cheated out of nearly 10 million. Photo: Yellow Apples

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy said the evening three days before his sales at clothing shop on Ton Notes (Ward 5, City of Dong Ha), the couple have a go at.

"The women reach age 50, with low dark shape, looks hardship in store and then quickly chose a dress bought as a gift for his daughter. He gave 500,000 bills and wait rot," Thuy said. Outside, men waited on motorbikes.

After about 2-3 sentences bidder disagree guests buy, want to get back the money they Thuy said now entered a state of unconsciousness. "Inwardly then I want to put all your money, gold and property to this woman. The distance between them is less than one meter at" the shop owner remembered 22 years.

Nearly 10 minutes after the visitors left, her new Mercury reverie and call people out counting the amount of the detected lost nearly 3 million. Thuy Tien is put in your wallet and arm.

Ms. Thuy said strangers do not wear masks, not in direct contact, "which exposed only through notes." This shop is open 6 months ago and has never happened to lose by neglect or off guard. "The incidents occurred less than a minute. Then I still quivering, unfinished soul," Thuy said.

Same for that lost money in the unconscious as she also has 2 other people. In mid August, Ms. Le Thi Lan (Ai Tu township resident, Trieu Phong) 500,000 receive bills from two men are suddenly brought back 5 million for them. When the two guests a foreigner, a Vietnam drove white cars away, the new Lan reverie and newspaper authorities.

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The man (left) allegedly used "tricks" make you put money Chau automatic. Photo: Figures provided

In early June, at clothing stores in Nguyen Trai Street (Ward 1, Dong Ha), Hoang Thi My Chau was a guest who cheated nearly 10 million for the same tricks as above.

"It's almost noon when a man goes the old life had Nouvo shop and choose immediately a child clothes near the door. He gave me 500,000 bills, very quickly I lost consciousness and gave all the money to guests This "Ms. Zhou said.

Thankfully, Ms. Chau suddenly awake to recognize the work, pulling back the money and they complete. The work is also a security camera recorded. The money is taken away nearly 10 million.

According to police in Quang Tri, this is not a new trick, the "guests" are used "tricks" that the victim lost consciousness should voluntarily take the whole property. Quang Tri Police are continuing to investigate and advise business people to heighten vigilance, especially the time empty.

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