Photographed selfie, tourists were arrested for suspected terrorist

According to the Argus, 3/7 day, Nasser Al-Ansari, 38, rotation a mobile phone clip of myself with the scenery outside Churchill Square shopping center in Brighton, England. Through this clip, you want to send condolences in Arabic to the victims of a bombing in Kuwait just before Churchill Square.

The security guard approached and nearby Al-Ansari suggested deleting clips, but he refused. Local police arrested Al-Ansari, leading to a car park and keep him in 3 hours on suspicion of committing acts of terrorism.


Chụp ảnh selfie, du khách bị bắt vì nghi ngờ khủng bố

Al-Ansari selfie clip filmed in Churchill Square shopping center. Photo: Pakistantribe.

"I assert itself fully cooperate. I'll go wherever you allow, now I just want to go home" - Al Ansari explained. He said police also kept his phone to check.

Brighton Chief Inspector, Paul Betts, confirmed the incident and said after concluding assessment of this action, Al Ansari were released because there was no immediate threat occurred.

The inspection device Al-Ansari has not shown the ability terrorism. The investigation continues to take place if there is any evidence of offenses that are discovered. "However, cases completed quickly and the phone will be returned to its owner," said Paul Betts said.

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