Gasoline prices rose back pressure

18/9 is the time management agency and enterprise computing adjusted retail price of gasoline. Cycle count 15 days this time in association with signs of increased heat back of world markets. This caused many enterprises to consider the retail price increase after multiple consecutive decline earlier, by the basis of price differences and price is at 500-600 dong per liter.

Talking to VnExpress, leader of a petroleum company in HCM City said that last time, continuous price reduction makes business activities of the unit are not as expected and reality in a state of loss. Although no official statistics, but the estimates in the last 2 months, the losses amounted to hundreds of millions.

"States adjust to the next petrol 18/9 days, if authorities do not give rise may be we have to find ways to not continue to suffer losses," he said.

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Now clues that arbitrage base retail price of petroleum products is at 500-600 dong per liter. Photo: British Army

At the point, deputy general director of Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation (Petrolimex) Tran Ngoc Five said the base price than the retail price of petroleum products is spread over 500 a liter. If the executive management body to the beat of the world, the rise in prices is uncertain. However, this position is very difficult to say that because there are many issues, making regulatory agency may consider using stabilization tools.

"Retail price actually remained low so if the tools used to stabilize the rising prices, the fund is no longer needed are tools to intervene. Nonetheless, the specific operating depend on agencies manage "led Petrolimex said.

On the world market, Brent crude oil price is lower than the first month of about 2%. However, WTI oil moved up by 2.8%. In recent days, oil prices remain volatile ahead of the news on the global stock markets, US crude oil production and the possibility the US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates this month.

After two consecutive losing sessions, crude oil prices rose sharply yesterday by inventory data in the US fell. WTI oil closed up 5.7%, while Brent oil increased by 4.2%.

Today, prices continue to rise and fall as investors wait for news from the Fed. Go to 3.30pm (GMT), Brent was only $ 49.5 per barrel, up $ 50.14 after the session. But also lost $ 0.3 WTI oil down $ 46.85.

After the 1200 contract yesterday fell 92 3/9 is valuable RON 17 330 VND per liter. From mid-June to the current price of 92 RON gasoline fell 5 times in a row, a total of nearly 3,400 dong per liter. Overall in 2015, the price of gasoline 92 RON spent 7 times reduction (total 5,588 contracts) and 4 times increase (a total of 5,040 contracts). Thus, the price of gasoline is now cheaper than the first phase of about 548 dong per liter.

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