Korea - Dumping garbage is an art

Capital is a civilized country and Asia's leading developers, Korea has many things worthy of our study. That may be a sense of responsibility, hard work, beautiful lifestyle or simply the waste classification. Waste classification system of Korea is classified as a civilization, the world's science, and it's totally unfounded.

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Waste treatment system in Korea is very advanced.

Garbage disposal system of Korea called Jongnyanje, is tasked to classify all kinds of garbage a clear and convenient for handling the most. Jongnyanje was born with the aim of turning waste treatment processes of Korea became friendly with the environment and enhance the consciousness of the people. At first, when you're new to this system, everything will be quite confused by too many junk items and littering rules for people to follow.

But in general, there are a certain number of rules for the disposal of waste which you should keep in mind, if not all of a sudden one day you are population groups, or building management knocking "invited" to close money for garbage range.

1. Must waste separation

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Signs identify recyclable waste.

The Korean government is very strict with classification issues recyclables. Debris in South Korea is divided into smaller categories: ordinary garbage, junk food, recycling, assorted-sized objects are left ..., one item that was very clear categories. For example, you finish using a water bottle and prepared to throw bottles, please keep in mind that you're holding in your other hand is Recyclables not junk food or trash normally. A throwing error twice each, the cleaning will be sympathetic to you. But if it repeated, it would "double" not even the garbage for you anymore, even local reporting to punish you again.

2. Supplies to wrap leftovers separately

This is one of the points made waste disposal system in Korea has become particularly environmentally friendly. For other types of junk food can biodegrade naturally, people will pack separately and then taken away again throw. Part of this excess food if used well will also be moved to the farm for cattle feed, just to help minimize support costs thousands of tons of waste per day. 

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Leftovers must be packed separately.

Only one thing makes people dislike the assignment of this trash, leftover food that is stale smell very seriously. But endure a little smelly, but the Earth is protected, but also appearance. Or you can pack closely and bring put in the freezer, when new garbage time to throw, so avoid smell already.

3. You have to buy plastic bags for the company's new environment is garbage

Instead of tax deductions to pay for national environmental staff, in Korea one chargeable service by selling plastic bags for rubbish. There are many different kinds of bags for each separate garbage to garbage collection processes become quick, easy. Usually the housekeeping staff will not collect your rubbish home unless balls wrapped in special bags that environmental company offers. This is also a benefit, yet the litter many must buy many bags, lose more money, so they will have to balance the use of their home and garbage discharged if not buy much garbage bags than the meals!

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Each locality has a different type of garbage bags.

There is one point or another in this garbage bag system, that each locality will have different types of plastic bag. For example you from Binh Thanh district in District 7 that down, then you have to buy bags in the garbage District 7, Binh Thanh bag taken away by rain or wrap the wrap sandal shoes are fit.

4. Go eat at the restaurant must also waste separation

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Trash in the restaurant also offers a clear division.

Not only when you throw rubbish in the new classification to clear the garbage where to eat in the cafe, a restaurant you have to do the same thing. Do not be looking to buy some juice, the bread that one must go after sorting garbage collection for you. The restaurant has separate bins for each type of waste, be voluntarily resolve their own mess. Try doses that serve both food leftovers with paper, paper cups in barrels common view, not necessary to store staff to remind you where people would rather practice sun that scolded you a match, then you will have to her plays panels, green bins out that reclassifications only.

5. Dumping garbage must be responsible

Do not think just pure garbage in plastic bags and thrown right back package sorting bins that were offline. Trash before being thrown longer have undergone the "primary processing" to peace in the ball bag. The bottles must not be thrown away when removing the cover from the front to prevent the risk of fire, paper boxes must be crushed or pulled flat to neatly, batteries, electronics, expired drugs should be added paper box separately. All aimed at maximum safety during disposal.

6. To dispose of large size furniture takes charge

Items such as furniture, electrical appliances and utensils, generally things do not just put plastic bags will have to apply its own disposal. Korea used the stamps in denominations from 2000 to 15,000 Won to pay fees for handling bulky garbage like this and people can purchase on-line or contact us by local management.

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The large size items when discharged to a special stamp.

Stamps 2,000 Won (about 38,000 VND) applies to all kinds of small items such as chairs, baby, vacuum cleaner, TV, microwave ... With the kind of larger items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, you will have to buy stamps 8,000 Won (155,000 VND). As for things to bulky like a piano, bed, wardrobe, the fee will be 15,000 won (290,000 VND). However if items are new or still using good, you should donate to the local charity to be able to hand these poor demand. It was from this form, theft in South Korea dropped significantly.

7. Dumping garbage and timetable

Each locality will have a time slot for people to be allowed to litter and then environmental workers will collect them. If you like greasy with governments, alone style, blatantly throwing garbage in unauthorized time, prepare "vomit" 300,000 Won (approximately 6 million VND) progressive fines go offline.

According to Liang Hong Phuc / Intellectual Babies


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