3 mid-range smartphone with camera take a selfie "peak" to sell in Vietnam

Catering to take a selfie photography movement, smartphone manufacturers are constantly upgrading the front camera of the smartphone. The smartphones have front camera 8MP, 13MP and the flash is in tandem appear on the market.

Here are three camera smartphone can take a selfie most sold new peak in Vietnam recently.

1. Sony Xperia M5 Dual

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Proximity premium segment, M5 Dual Xperia cost 9.99 million VND in Vietnam.

M5 Dual Xperia style OmniBalance exquisite design Sony's familiar. Besides taking good pictures with the camera after 13MP 21MP and front camera, Xperia Dual M5 also features a compact size, sharp full HD screen and the ability to surf smoothly with 3GB of RAM.

The other noteworthy specifications of Dual M5 include water resistance, the battery 2.600mAh, supports 2 SIM 2 wave.

2. Ultra Dual Sony Xperia C5

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Sony Xperia Ultra Dual C5 located in the mid-range segment with 7.99 million rate in Vietnam dong.

It seems that Sony is interested in equipping believers selfie front camera great for advanced smartphones and asymptotic as Sony Xperia C5 midrange Ultra Dual. Camera front and back of the Xperia camera C5 Ultra Dual feature 13MP sensor and LED flash. The design of the machine was too familiar but beyond black and white C5 Ultra Dual in Vietnam also has pale blue. Besides, it is impossible not to mention thin contour impressive display on the machine.

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual ensure smoother web surfing through eight core MediaTek processor and 2GB of RAM. Besides, the machine 2.930mAh battery can provide 14 hours of talk time (2G).

3. ASUS Zenfone Selfie

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Asus Zenfone valuable Selfie 6.49 million contract in Vietnam.

True to its name, Zenfone Selfie designer for devotees take a selfie snap before 13MP camera that features autofocus and LED flash laser 2 tones combined with optimized software will bring camera to give you the photos take a selfie great.

Optional colors are also very youthful Zenfone Selfie with blue, pink, red and yellow. You can also set the 3D version featured bumper. In addition, ASUS also sells an accessory support Zenfone take a selfie accompanied Selfie.

tl_files/UPLOAD/TIN TUC M/martphone tam trung chup anh tu suong dinh3.jpg

Zenfone Selfie bumper with optional 3D.

You can also surf the web without knowing bored on 5.5 inch screen full HD resolution of Zenfone Selfie. Machine runs smoothly by running the latest version of Android and equipped 8-core processor and 3GB of RAM. Its battery is also high, 3.000mAh, ensuring enough for you to use all day.

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