Nguyen Thi Huyen won the gold award HC Asian Athletics

Huyen HC won gold in the women's 400m content League second leg Asian Athletics Grand Prix in 2015, took place in Pathum Thani Province (Thailand).

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Despite having to compete with strong rivals from China, India, Thailand and Kazakhstan, female athletes, "taller" of Vietnam still finish first tape with 52 seconds 27. She achievement 0.42 seconds faster than the runner is Yuliya Rakhmanova. Female athletes of Kazakhstan this is who won gold at the stage HC after 53 seconds a 26, took place in Bangkok on 22/6 (Nguyen Thi Huyen that day in fifth place with just 54 seconds 71 ​​achievements).

Nguyen Thi Huyen alongside on the track today was Quach Thi Lan, finishing in fourth with 52 seconds 75 times.

In the women's Triple Jump content, Tran Hue Hoa HC won silver with 13m75 achievement. Meanwhile, on Thursday Quach Cong Calendar 400m south (46 seconds 42), Le Trong Pictures finishing eighth men's 100m (10 seconds 93), Do Thi Quyen seventh female 100m (12 seconds 17).

Nguyen Thi Huyen was shining face of athletics Vietnam SEA Games in 2015. She won three of the Nam Dinh gold HC, gaining two Olympic 400 meters in content and 400 meters of fencing, and once breaking continental congress.

After two races, besides gold medal of Nguyen Thi Huyen, Vietnam Athletics Federations also has a silver medal belongs Quach Cong Calendar contents 400m south in leg one.

Athletic leg three Asian Grand Prix 2015 took place in Chanthaburi Province, on 29/6.

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