'The spirit' spending money management pages to steal the remains of martyrs

17/6 pm, police said Quang Tri has completed the investigation, prosecution proposal in line 7 counterfeiting remains a large scale martyrs Nguyen Van Thuy because (he Thuy) organization.

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The case was prosecuted Quang Tri police in late May 10/2013. After 22 months of investigation, authorities determined the line is closed, the defendants have blood ties with two conspirators is Thuy (56) and Man Thi Duyen (53, wife Thuy).

According to the survey, in 2008, Thuy Duyen jail and about, practice search trick graves, bones. Two years later, they moved to the "occupation" searching those missing in action.

Both groups buy utensils down and engraved name wartime relics counterfeiting. With bones, Thuy Duyen pretending to be visitors and martyrs cemetery to look, choose areas unnamed graves to Nguyen Van Hoang (46, sibling Thuy), Man Duc Phuong (37, sibling Duyen) Nguyen Truong Son (28 years) and Nguyen Anh PM (32 years old, and is the son-Dependent) night to steal.

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Number bones are burglary, the suspect took the group split and sent to bury the relics falsified. With tricks on, year 2010-2013, this group cheated 8 seekers relatives are martyrs, seized more than a billion.

At the same time, an official at the Social Policy Bank of Vietnam by Thuy find relatives. After forging the remains relatives of this person, Thuy said "much remains" and proposed to take impulsive mind.

The bank then deployed the "Search and collection of remains of martyrs". Thuy join line and tricked, appropriated 7 billion over 4 waves distillation.

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Thuy vestiges of counterfeiting group, engraved "N ... Use HB", is said to be the martyr Thuy Nguyen Van Used, Hebei countryside.
The process of investigation, authorities prosecuted proposal Vu Duc Chung (69, Management martyrs cemetery site at Dak To district) for allegedly receiving 30 million to the group of Thuy take some of those missing in wealth Name in the cemetery.

Investigation Agency prosecution suggested Thuy Duyen Phuong Son, Afternoon on two counts of misappropriating assets Phishing, and Infringement of graves, bones.

Raging outside on two counts, also indicted more property theft crimes. Match suspects charged with Trespassing grave or remains.

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