The pilot shut down the wrong engine plane that crashed Taiwan

"Oh, pull the joystick wrong then," the captain's words Jianzong Liao, 41 were recorded before the accident happened.

According to Reuters, there seems to be confusion in the cockpit when the pilots tried to regain control of the aircraft because of a loss of engine power, the aircraft took off after three minutes.

Liao pull the wrong joystick while operating the motor, causing it to be shut down, but Liao seemed wrong not to recognize until it is too late. He tried to restart the engine several times before a lower-level employee in the cockpit saying: "Collision, collision, collision preparation".

That is the last word in a data recorder of the aircraft cockpit TransAsia, according to the latest report of the Aviation Safety Council Taiwan (ASC). Soon, ATR 72-600 aircraft, carrying 58 people, crashed into a river in Taipei, leaving 43 people dead.

ASC report showed Liao failed the flight training each month 5/2014, partly because he did not have enough knowledge on how to handle electric motor is turned off during takeoff

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