Which country makes the IOS must dread most in the world?

Although many of the world's major powers such as Russia, France, UK, USA and a series of alliances seeking to attack and destroy the forces of the Islamic State claiming IS in all respects, from the economic to the military, but the cold-blooded terrorists, this does not wavered. In fact, they did not fear any military force that only grows wary single country, it is Israel.

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New Israeli army is dangerous indeed for IS.

As a journalist who has spent much time living in Syria and specializes in research on IS, only Israel really make them lose sleep. The extremists believe that they can defeat the armies of other countries, because these countries have no experience in making the anti-terrorism strategy and unknown guerrilla. However, we will certainly face many difficulties to fight the guerrilla army of the people of Israel, that they give force is real danger.

In recent times, the terrorist organization calling itself the Islamic State IS suffered many setbacks, and even lost 30% of the territory they once occupied in Iraq. The Iraqi government recently announced they have launched to retake the city of Ramadi, which had been occupied by IS has the support of the UK and global alliances. According to analysts, this is the latest significant loss of IS.

According to Dinh Dinh / Intellectual Babies

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