Match ticket Vietnam - Man City is 1.8 million VND highest

Today 30/6, represented VFF and SHB Bank met to discuss the issues surrounding the match between Vietnam and Man City recruit. During this meeting, both parties agreed on the fare. However, the specific release time has not been finalized.

"Fares estimated VND 600,000, 1 million, 1.5 million and 1.8 million. Tickets are distributed via dispatch, direct sale over the counter and through 1080 ", VFF notice.
To invite the City to Vietnam, Mr. Do Quang Hien has elected to pay out around 1.5 million dollars (about 35 billion Vietnam).

"Man City is a great team, invited them to pay a lot of money. With any luck, I might only break even. But for the purpose of serving the fans, we could not sell tickets at inflated prices, "Show sharing elected.

Currently, hiring Dinh stadium in preparation for the match between Vietnam and Man City recruit also finished with the same amount of 800 million tickets.

Man City to Vietnam on 25/7, with 65 members, and played on the day 27/7. Delegation is arranged in five-star hotels, with 1,300 police, protective guards.

Toshiya Miura coach very excited to play at Man City. Japanese strategists said it would shorten the trip home, back to Vietnam track in V-League match and the First Division to recruit the best players for competitions with Premiership runners .

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