Why cry when the finish Anh Vien

9/6 pm, in 200m butterfly final, finished with light Vienna time 2 minutes 11 seconds 12, won gold and broke the record HC SEA Games. After the finish, Swimmer Vietnam cried.

"I cried not because HC won gold and broke the record, but because of time SEA Games competition has made some errors. I'm not happy with myself to have such mistakes, even if the victory", Anh Vien share with VnExpress.

After the contest the 200m butterfly, Swimmer who Tho continue HC won gold and broke the SEA Games record in the 200 free range with 1 minute 59 seconds record 27.

"I won six gold and broke seven HC SEA Games record, but I will not stop striving. If I am satisfied with what has been achieved, I was a loser right now, not wait until tomorrow. I do not remember winning, every day, all such efforts have not won anything, "talent born in 1996 emphasized.

Anh Vien said she had a bit tiring to play much. However, every day would quickly regain energy to continue the race. "The secret to my strength is eat, sleep and think things fun," shared female captain.

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