Inferno, fire vehicles carrying 12 people on a highway Phap Van

Afternoon 28/6, sea vehicle control 16 seats ran towards Henan Nam Dinh - Hanoi, the highway km186 Phap Van - Cau Gie (Thuong Tin District, Ha Noi), the surprise of ignition.

The driver saw the smoke had hit the car to the curb, they are for everyone in the car to escape. "The smell of smoke as fires burning wires from the bottom of the car rises, a few minutes after flames covering the whole of the car," a passenger said.

When flames rising, a watering tank cars running in the opposite direction of nearby came extinguishing sprinkler but to no avail.

Leaders of the traffic police team of 8 (Hanoi Police) was that a working group with tankers and mini fire extinguisher to drive down the fire. The fire was extinguished after 30 minutes but the car was just exposed frame. Lucky 12 passengers are safe.

Driver is Bui Ai (36) said passenger vehicle is contract from Nam Dinh to Hanoi, then the incident. Initial cause may be due to short-circuiting.

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